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LGV category C

Training with Ian Markwick Driver training is carried using industry specification Scania Large Goods Vehicles. This ensures that you are properly prepared to drive a vehicle that you have the entitlement to drive once you have passed your LGV driving test. The length and cost of training courses is determined by a no commitment assessment drive of around 1 - 2 hours. Assessment drives usually take place at weekends and there is a fee of £40.00. You will have the opportunity to drive the training vehicle before committing yourself and your money to a course. Your driving assessor will give you an introduction to the vehicle and give a demonstration drive. It's your turn behind the wheel now, first in quiet conditions, then, if all's going well, you will be dealing with a variety of road and traffic conditions. Your assessor will observe your driving and offer you the correct amount of training. It is often the case that if you already have a good standard of driving in the vehicles that you already have entitlement to drive, you will require a "standard" five day LGV category C or C+E course. If additional training is going to be required, you driving assessor will inform you of this at the end of your assessment drive.

Training days start at 08:00 and end between 16:00 to 17:00 and are carried out with two trainees in the cab taking turns with the driving. Passive learning when not behind the wheel gives you the opportunity to both rest and gather information at the same time. One to one training can be arranged if specified but training days will be limited to a duration of four hours because trying to keep concentration levels up for a whole day when learning behind the wheel can become too much and mistakes can possibly me made. Courses generally start on a Thursday and run through Friday (have the weekend off - you will have deserved it!), Monday and Tuesday. Test day on Wednesday usually comprises of a two hour warm up drive prior to your test.

LGV category C+E

The same training procedure applies to LGV category C+E as it does for category C. However, if you have trained with Ian Markwick Driver Training for your category C licence, there will be no need for an assessment drive -you already know the standard that we train to and we have already seen your driving!

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